K-12 adaptive assessments and individualized courses available for your child in the core areas of

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Less than $1 per day to stay above grade level
What Is Exact Pathway?


  • check-markReliable assessments that measure student progress in key skill areas
  • check-markCustomized learning paths that support the learner where they need it most
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  • ● You have unlimited access to Reading, Language Arts, and Math courses for one year
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K-12 Assessments +
Customized Courses
(Reading, Language Arts, Math)

We have entered a new era in education.

The confluence of advanced technology, accountability, and the need to treat each child as having unique aptitudes, skills, challenges, and gifts have made it possible and demonstrated the urgency to teach to the individual.

We do not wish to teach in some abstract way, but to truly teach to the individual child.

Exact Pathway supports the diverse needs of your student through a flexible approach to learning. Students can successfully navigate through Exact Pathway independently by engaging in scaffolded instruction, comprehensive tutorials and learning activities in their personal learning path.

Why Assessment + Personalized Learning Paths are so powerful?

Diagnostic Assessments

Identify Learning Gaps & Guide the Design of a Personalized Learning Path for Every Student.

Targeted Interventions

Accelerate Learning Paths to Prepare Advanced Students for College Success, and Remediate to Help Struggling Students Get on Track.

Ongoing Assessments

Benchmarks Comprised of Rigorous and National Standardized Educational Content to Help Every Student to Measure Growth and Achieve Academic Excellence.


Multiple Measures of Success

Attainment of Grade-level Proficiency, and Develop the Skills Necessary to Earn Top Scores on AP Exams, College Entrance Exams, and Mastery of the English Language.

How does it Work?

  • Valid and reliable adaptive diagnostic assessments
  • Extensive psychometric analysis of our Adaptive Diagnostic Assessments ensures that all students receive a unique testing experience that precisely pinpoints their instructional level, strengths, and needs.

  • Tips
    After you register with your student's grade level and email contact info, diagnostic assessment(s) for the subject(s) you select will be scheduled within 24 hours. Your student will have 10 days to complete the diagnostic assessments. Each assessment is expected to be completed between 20-80 mins depending on your student’s grade level and learning skills mastery level.
  • High-quality, personalized learning paths
  • Learning paths offer a pedagogically sound sequence of 100% mobile-optimized lessons and activities designed to build your students' skill competencies at their own pace. Early research shows that when learning paths are used in focused sessions of just 20 minutes per week per subject, students will experience growth.

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  • Tips
    Within 24 hours of assessment completion, a detailed summary report on your student’s dashboard is ready for review by parents or teachers. Please check out the Guide to Student Summary Report to help you understand your student’s learning skills in depth. If you have any question about your Diagnostic Assessment Report, please email our Academic Counselor at
  • Focused interventions
  • Identify the academic strengths and weaknesses of your student.

    Efficiently place students on grade level in reading, writing, and math.

    Automatically prescribe individualized content to support personalized instruction for every student.

    Content includes interactive tutorials, activities, and lessons designed to engage your students as they master the materials.

  • Tips
    Diagnostic Assessment is not the purpose. Enroll in the Exact Path Program to start the personalized learning now! By spending 20-30 mins per day, the program is proven to accelerate your Advanced Students for College Success, or get your Struggling Students Back on Track.
  • Monitor progress at every turn
  • Get both a big-picture view of performance and an immediate pulse on what’s happening right now. View skill-by-skill performance to understand your student’s needs.

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  • Tips
    Assessments to be taken 2 times a year to monitor and track improvement.

Proven Effectiveness

Each step in the sequence is supported by a substantial body of research in peer-reviewed academic journals. We illustrated a real student’s learning outcome by using Exact Pathway for 8 months.

Exact Path Mastery Learning Model

Exact Path is linked to an evidence-based practice known as the mastery learning model. This is not a one-size-fits-all model. It is consistent with and can be adapted to a wide variety of learning situations.

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    Diagnosis to accurately determine particular deficits and strengths in hundreds of skills under each domain.
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    Instruction through high-quality animation and other audio-visual presentations with effective character-driven dialog focusing closely on the specific skills in the domains and adapted to a learner’s particular level of readiness.
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    Practice to reinforce the lesson by eliciting direct physical engagement such as drawing, reciting, recording, calculating, solving, estimating, and other activities. A focus on practical understanding forges implicit learning of the concepts and skills to complement and strengthen semantic or explicit learning. The instructional architecture is also described in the Learning Paths section.
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    Testing of concepts and principles after practice. The learner is presented challenging quizzes that initiate practice in retrieving what has been encoded in memory. Feedback on quizzes reinforces learning and proactively prevents interference in memory. There are two kinds of testing in our mastery learning model:
    • Mastery quizzes as part of instruction. Students can practice applying the concepts they learned repeatedly by taking frequent mastery tests. This aspect of the instruction is an evidence-based learning strategy and is discussed in the Learning Paths section.
    • Progress checks on the skills that have been taught to reinforce automaticity and fluency, and again to practice focused retrieval to consolidate learning. After a student completes four skills, a Progress Check is dynamically built and administered to both spiral learning and ensure students are ready to receive additional skills. Scores inform and adapt a student’s learning path. As students demonstrate mastery, learning is propelled forward; if additional remediation is needed, automated Building Blocks allow students to address gaps in learning by working on prerequisite skills.

Design Standards

Monitor skill-by-skill performance

The Knowledge Map provides an interactive view of each student’s progress along our complete K-12 content progression.


Evaluate Individual Progress

Student summary reports detail all learning path activity for a specific student to help you track progress, plan for instruction, and connect with parents and stakeholders.


Reporting and Actionable Data

With Exact Path, students are supported at their instructional level and monitored closely throughout their academic journey so educators can spend their time where it is needed most, leveraging our educator tools to work directly with students. Our assessments build a complete profile of student strengths and needs coupled with learning paths that deliver lessons in bite-sized chunks paired with motivating gamification that rewards both grit and mastery.


Knowledge Map

We use an adaptive diagnostic assessment to place every learner into a developmentally appropriate point in the learning path. Each point in the learning path is a skill that is taught using a computer-assisted learning module to target student skill gaps efficiently.


Deliver rigorous, high-quality instruction

Validated by our WIDA PRIME correlation, Exact Path supports different learning modalities by incorporating listening, speaking, reading, and writing support into individualized instruction.

Ensure that students are exposed to a student interface and curriculum experience that are both age appropriate.

Understand student proficiencies and focus on skill gaps through a precise learning path placement.

Provide students with additional in-product support through tools like text-to-speech, translators, highlighters, and easy login for your youngest learners.


Less than $1 per day to stay above grade level